Rebuilding never looked so good!


On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle just shy of being a Category 5 storm. The major news networks may have moved on, but day-to-day life is still a challenge for the majority of our community.


Thousands of families have been displaced; they are scrambling for temporary housing, with many resorting to tents and lean-tos near what’s left of their homes. While schools are starting to open, many students aren’t able to return. Many lost everything in the storm and no longer have a roof over their heads, let alone school supplies and uniforms.


The catastrophic damage due to the extreme winds and storm surge has racked up at least $11.28 billion in damages, and it will take years for insurance and FEMA to help our area rebuild. Our community has banded together to support one another, but there’s never enough to go around.


Lipstick Diva has survived the storm, and working hard to rebuild Panama City. 100% of our profits will go right to helping our community recover.

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